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Today is 10/17

Psalm 10:17.....You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry.

Our sweet tenderhearted God, thank You for Your love and care. Please forgive us for our sins. Thank You for being there when we are happy and also when we are sad. You see us succeed and You help us when we struggle. We are so blessed to be noticed by You. There are still many who don't know that peaceful feeling. We pray for them today. And we pray that our words and actions will cause them to want to know you more. In Jesus' tender name, we pray. Amen.

Embraced By Peace

Have you ever held such sadness
Deep inside your heart,
That when one's arms embrace you
The floodgates came apart?

The tears began to trickle
From my sadness to my cheek
When I heard God call me child
And He said, "Here, come to me."

He wrapped His arms around me,
My head against His chest.
And Jesus, He just hugged me
And did what He does best.

He showed me patience as I whimpered,
"I'm so tired," from my lips.
He listened to my troubles
And knew the ones I missed.

Before the moment ended,
I felt, again, His peace.
My sadness was so minor
From the love, God has for me.

Lucinda Berry Hill Author of "Coffee with Jesus" AND "A Second Cup with Jesus" ©
Photo by Rosemary Marrs
Design by Author Linda Turner Palmer

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